Buying a house with my brother or sister


It is becoming increasingly difficult to buy a home alone with a decent mortgage. Too little income and own money? Do you know that it is possible that you can buy a house together with your brother or sister, together in 1 mortgage.

The mortgage is simply deductible and can be closed with NHG. For the mortgage interest you do not even have to leave it. The mortgage interest rate is less than 1% from 2021.

Daily brother sister mortgage through Lex Wonen
Banks do not help you because you are related to each other. Buying a home together with your brother or sister always works through Lex Living.

What do I need to take into account?
Cohabitation contract with a notary with mutual care obligations
Death risk insurance with premium splitting
Compulsory joint registration of residential address
Cannot leave the house, house must be sold
Own money required for overbidding on house
Lex Wonen helps with purchase and mortgage
After we have determined your maximum mortgage with your brother or sister, you can start house hunting. Do you have your eye on a house? LexWonen will look for you for an indication of the house value.

Once you have approved your home, we start the negotiations. It is important that you realize that you must overbid on a house. It is a drama on the housing market to be allowed to view a house at all.

Sibling mortgage up to 4 people
Do you know that you can buy a house with a mortgage for up to 4 siblings? It is important that you only look for homes with residential zoning. Agricultural, retail or recreational zoning is excluded.

My brother still has a home, now what?
You can simply look for a house. Because your brother has not yet sold his current home he will receive a temporary bridging mortgage. It is important, however, that you go to the notary in advance and have everything properly described. Lex Wonen explains it to you here at the table.

If we buy with 3 people?
Are you buying with 3 sisters, for example, and is it everyone’s first own home? The mortgage will then be in box 1 and is income tax deductible.

Has anyone ever had an own home then the mortgage comes in box 3. Mortgage interest is not deductible.

Want to know more about buying a house with a brother or sister?
How to proceed with a brother and sister mortgage? Are you seriously considering making a nice investment with your brother or sister? Then read more about buying a house together with your brother or sister.

Of course you can also call us. Lex Wonen is available 7 days a week from 4:15 am to 9:15 pm.

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